How will you mount my piece?

We take great care of your pieces and will review each piece carefully to ensure it is mounted properly. 

Our standard methods are as follows:

  • Hinge Mount - Applicable for matted pieces. We will mount your art using archival hinge tape and the T-hinge method, where a select number of hinges are applied to the back of the art and a crosspiece to the mat to keep the art in place. These hinges can be cut off, or removed for future reframing if needed. 
  • Hinge Mount to Lift - For floating delicate or smaller pieces, our framing team will use archival hinge tape and adhere the piece from the back to a board cut 1/4" smaller than the art to give the art the floated look within the frame. Tada!
  • Drymount - Applicable for most framing options. Recommended especially for photographs and XL pieces. Archival, acid free, and removable by a professional. Drymounting is a process that uses a low grade heat to flatten and adhere the piece to archival foam board. It will keep pieces stiff and flat in the frame without damaging or yellowing. No buckling or wrinkling here! Please note, this is a reversible process but does require a machine for removal. For any delicate or heat sensitive papers be sure to note on your order form or contact the SF team ahead of framing to discuss alternate methods of mounting. 
  • Drymount to Lift - If you are floating your piece so that all of the edges are visible in the frame, this selection means we will drymount the art to an archival board cut 1/4" smaller than the art (process described above) and place that board on a 4-ply mat. This will give the illusion that your piece is floating in your frame 
  • No Mount - If your paper is on the smaller size, strong, and framed to the edge, we will not use any mounting to keep it in place. It can support itself without fear of buckling. 
  • Mount If Needed - Unsure on what your art needs? Select this option to have us make the best choice for your art. This will be determined once we receive the artwork in the shop.  
  • Sewn - For any textiles, flags, or scarves. A framing specialist will hand sew your piece to a linen mat or linen-covered strainer (for Max Plexibox orders). Single stitches are placed along the edges, and your piece will be steamed before we begin to sew. Please note that all textiles will retain their natural flow and with gravity may still expand over time.
  • Slit Hinge Linen Tape - Applicable for pieces under 24x30". This method of mounting will have your piece laying directly on the backing mat. All edges of your art will be visible. The backing mat has slits cut in strategic locations to slide hinge tape through to lightly adhere your art from the back for a subtle floating look. This is one of the more archival methods of float mounting but can only be used for smaller pieces to ensure the piece will not fall from the hinges.

If you have specific questions or requests related to how we mount your piece, enter detailed notes in the Special Notes section of your order or contact us at

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