What are my mat options?

Our mats are all acid-free and completely archival. We bevel cut each corner with extreme precision. We have 4-ply and 8-ply options in Paper White, Bright White, Artique Digital White, and Black.

Our team has years of experience selecting the optimal color white mat for artwork. If you select Framer's Choice for your mat style, we can recommend the best shade of white to match your piece. We always check the shade of white against the art prior to framing.

In the Designer, we offer the following mat options for your artwork depending on your chosen Art Type. Not all Mat Styles are possible for all Art Types.

No Mat / Full Bleed
No mat keeps the appearance of your framing clean and simple.

We recommend this style when framing posters, oversized photography prints or personal photos, and art prints that contain a lot of white space around the edges. Acrylic spacers or a shadowbox spacer can be added to keep art from touching the acrylic. 

Single Mat
A single mat keeps the eye focused on your art. 

This is the most common mat style because of its classic look and ability to make small works of art or photographs appear larger on your wall. We recommend this style when framing personal photos, small to medium size art prints and originals, and important documents like ketubahs and diplomas. When you select Single Mat in the Designer, you have the option to customize your Mat Size (from ½ inch to 5 inches) and your Mat Material.

Double Mat
Two layered mats. ¼" of the lower mat peeks out, creating a border around the art. 

The overall effect of this style is similar to Single Mat, with the added accent of a second mat peaking out. We recommend this style for framing important documents like diplomas and certificates. It looks equally great with personal photos and small to medium sized art prints and originals. 99% of the time, we’d recommend layering a white mat over a black mat. You can customize your Top Mat and Bottom Mat in the Designer.

Art appears to float over the mat, and a spacer prevents the image from touching the acrylic. 

Floating your art above a mat is an affordable way to take your custom frame job to the next level and give whatever you are framing that extra special feeling. By elevating the art above a mat, a slight shadow is created around your art, creating a sophisticated, gallery look. We then use a Shadowbox or Acrylic spacer in between your art and the plexiglass in order to protect the surface of your art. We recommend this style when framing original paintings, drawings, and sketches—specifically those with a deckled, wavy edge to the paper—as well as artifacts like hand-written letters.We offer 4-ply mats in various shades of white and black to float your artwork on, along with Linen. After you select Floated as your Mat Style in the Designer, you can customize your Mounting Method depending on your selected Art Type.

  • Dry Mount to Hidden Lift
    • An acid-free, heat-activated adhesive secures art to a hidden ³∕₁₆" lift so it appears to float. If you are floating your piece so that all of the edges are visible in the frame, this selection means we will drymount the art to an archival board cut 1/4" smaller than the art (process described above) and place that board on a 4-ply mat. This will give the illusion that your piece is floating in your frame. Removable by a professional, not recommended for thin papers, or materials that react to heat.
  • Hinge Mount to Hidden Lift
    • Art is attached to a ³∕₁₆" lift, so it appears to float in the mat window. For floating delicate or smaller pieces, our framing team will use archival hinge tape and adhere the piece from the back to a board cut 1/4" smaller than the art to give the art the floated look within the frame. Tada!
  • Hinge Mount without Lift
    • Removable, acid-free tape secures art with minimal contact directly to the mat board. We will mount your art using archival hinge tape and the T-hinge method, where a select number of hinges are applied to the back of the art and a crosspiece to the mat to keep the art in place. These hinges can be cut off, or removed for future reframing if needed.
  • Sewn (available for scarves and textiles only)
    • Art is hand-stitched onto a linen mat. For any textiles, flags, or scarves. A framing specialist will hand sew your piece to a linen mat or linen-covered strainer (for Max Plexibox orders). Single stitches are placed along the edges, and your piece will be steamed before we begin to sew. Please note that all textiles will retain their natural flow and with gravity may still expand over time.

Art appears to float inside the mat window over an uncut bottom mat.

If you want to see all the edges of your piece but would like a traditional mat as well, our Island Mat style is a great solution for pieces up to 24x30. Your art will be mounted directly to the mat, and a mat with a slightly larger opening will be placed on top. This will leave a 1/8" - 1/4" reveal around your floated piece. Best of both worlds!

A single mat with multiple openings for the publication title and article. 

We can frame newspaper or magazine articles you send in or print online articles, and the design of your frame depends on the formatting of the article. Our designers will create a mock-up of your Frame and Mat for your approval before we put your order into production.

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