What are my hardware options?

We offer sawtooth hangers, wire hangers, and specialty hardware. 

Our default hanging hardware used is based on industry best practices to ensure that your frame is supported on the wall and that the hardware can support the weight of the frame. We will only apply hardware that is suited for your frame size, and your frames will ship arrive with the nails or screws needed for hanging. 

The hardware assigned to your Frame Profile is always listed at the end of the name of the Frame Profile.

  • Sawtooth - For frames up to 8x10", we like to use a single sawtooth hanger centered at the top of your frame. The frame will arrive with this pre-attached along with a drywall screw for easy hanging.
  • Wire - Hanging wire gives you the flexibility to adjust your frame. Strong tension wire is wrapped around D-rings to secure the frame to the wall. Frame will arrive with 2 hooks and nails to hang. You can slide the frame along the wire until it is perfectly level. Fast, easy, and secure!

Speciality Hardware : By Request Only

  • D-rings - If the frame selected is wide enough, the frame can come with 2 D-Rings attached to the back and 2 Hooks & Nails for easy hanging. D-rings are sturdy enough to hang our XL pieces.  If you choose this method, do not attempt to add a wire, it is important that you hang from the 2 hooks to give added support to your large frame.
  • Security Hardware - If your piece will hang in a public place like a hospital, hotel or office building, we recommend upgrading to Security Hardware. This requires a little more elbow grease to install but will make the frame impossible to knock off the wall. Ideal for crowded public spaces. 
  • Flex-Points - Want to be able to remove your backing to switch out your art. Ideal for photoshoots and pieces needing signatures. Your hardware to hang will come in a separate pouch, and you will be able add the wire yourself in the direction needed. 

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