Do you offer colored mats?


Colored mats not only limit where you will be able to display your piece but they can also be distracting. A white, cream, or black mat isolates the image from the frame, creating a space for you to experience the image alone. Although we'd love to take credit, we didn't come up with this concept—it's the standard in the art world.

Available options:

  • Framer’s Choice - Allow our team of expert framers to choose the specific shade of white that compliments your artwork best.
  • Paper White - Standard white. Pairs best with the Gallery White moulding or artwork with softer tones.
  • Bright White - Brighest white with grey tones. Pairs best with glossy photo papers. We do not recommend this option for artwork with a lot of whitespace.
  • Artique Digital White - Warmer, off-white. Recommend for pairing with antique artworks.
  • Black - This is our only non-white shade. We do not offer colored mats. Our black mat has a white core that is visible in a cut mat.
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