What mat size should I choose?

For Cut Mats, we recommend the following mat-size convention to create a custom mat that optimally presents your piece:

Paper Size (fits within)         Mat Border 
8x10"                                    1.5"
11x14"                                   2.5" 
16x20"                                   3" 
24x30"                                   3+"

When floating, we usually recommend adding 1.5” all around for all art sizes.

Our Mat Sizes are all customizable in the Designer between ½” and 5”. To change your Mat Size, click Mat Size and choose your width. Increasing the width of your mat will make your frame larger, and may increase the price of your frame if it puts it into a larger Size Tier. You may also have the option to make your mat slightly narrower to put your frame into a smaller Size Tier, decreasing your price.

We also offer custom weighted mats, in which the bottom of your mat is wider than the top. Email us for help placing your order.

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