How Do I Place a Bulk Order?

We offer two options for placing a bulk order. If your site is hosted on Shopify, we recommend using our Shopify App Integration. If not, we recommend using our Bulk Ordering sheet. Details below!

Shopify Integration

Our custom Shopify app a back-end fulfillment tool that enables one-click integration and fulfillment features.

The Simply Framed Pro App is a free app for Trade partners who use the platform Shopify. The app will link products in your Shopify store to Simply Framed products and eliminate the need for manual order entry on As the linked products are ordered in your Shopify store, your Simply Framed cart populates with your customer's order details. The app will also update individual orders in your Shopify store with tracking once an order has shipped. As a reminder, you are still required to review your orders, check out, and pay for orders on

We recommend the Shopify app for high volume clients (10-15 orders a week or more) who have set sizes.

Get started here.

How to Start a Bulk orderwatch here.
If you don't have Shopify but would like to be able to place orders in bulk, you can use our bulk order upload tool.

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