What are Favorites?

Favorites are what we call a saved Print, Frame, Print & Frame, or Full Service (Send in your Art) design that you create in the Designer.

By clicking FAVORITE after you create your design, you can always access that custom Frame or Print design by clicking on My Account and then My Favorites. You can customize or redesign any aspect of your Favorite after it loads again in the Designer.
  • Favorites are FAST AND EASY. Build your frame using the Designer and click FAVORITE to save it.
  • Favorites are VISUAL and can incorporate the art or image you upload into your design as your Print Image or Preview Image, so you can see exactly how your framed art will look. 
  • Favorites are ACCURATE. They show point to the exact size of your print, mat, and frame. 
  • Favorites are EASILY SHARED. Use the unique URL associated with your Favorite to share your frame design with clients, associates, or friends. (Just remember, when you share a link to a Favorite, your Trade pricing will only show if you are logged in to your Trade account on that session. Otherwise, the user will see the Suggested Retail Price).
  • Favorites are EASY TO EDIT. Change any component of Your Favorite and see your new frame or Print as you build it in the Designer.

IMPORTANT: You must be logged in to Your Account to save and access Favorites

For more articles on Favorites and how to use them, please see below:

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