Filtering Simply Framed Emails

Who wants a less cluttered inbox? 🙋

We’ll be sending you a lot of important emails regarding account updates, company news, product launches, and special trade discounts from the address Make sure to add that email to your contacts to avoid emails going to your spam folder.

We also send Shipping Notification about your artwork from We notify you when:

  • We’ve received your order 

  • We’ve received your art (for Full Service orders)

  • Your Frame or Print has shipped, including FedEx or Freight tracking links

  • Your Frame or Print is out for delivery

  • Your Frame or Print has been delivered
  • We know that if you order from us a lot, this makes for a lot of emails. Solution: If you want to avoid Shipping Notifications filling up your inbox, put a filter on your email.

    How to filter your Simply Framed Shipping Notifications in Gmail.

    1. Click the Gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of your Gmail
    2. Scroll and choose Settings
    3. Select the Filters and Blocked Addresses tab 
    4. Click the Create a new filter link
    5. In the Subject field, fill in the following criteria for your filter: “A Shipping Update from Simply Framed” and click Create Filter
    6. On the next page, you’ll be asked to enter guidelines for when a message arrives that matches this search. Select Skip the Inbox (Archive it). *Shipping updates will still be searchable in your Archives but not appear in your Inbox.*
    7. We also recommend creating a Label titled Simply Framed Shipping Updates to ensure that all emails are labeled. 
      1. Check Apply the label
      2. Scroll to New label…
      3. Enter “Simply Framed Shipping Updates” as your label name.

    We hope this Inbox hack helps you not miss on the most informative emails we send, while still allowing you to search your email for Shipping Notifications and updates if you ever need them.

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