How do I place an order for a framed Online Article?

In an Online Article order, we’ll print your article and custom frame it. Click here to view our suggested frame template.

  1. Head to and hover over the navigation header “Frame”
  2. Under “Frame for documents” select “Online Article”
  3. In the Designer, you can customize the components of Frame. Your price will adjust dynamically based on your selections.
  4. To calculate the Art Dimensions, please estimate the size of the article + the size of the header + any space you’d like in between the header and the article. If you’re unsure of the size, please select 14x18 inches. At this size, we can fit 500 character articles with 1 photo and your frame will be close to 16x20 when complete. If we run into any sizing questions, we will reach out with options ahead of production. If you'd like to stay within the 16x20 size tier, please select a MAT SIZE of 1 inch.
  5. Choose your “FRAME MODEL.” We will only show frame models available for your Art Type and Art Dimensions. Want to learn more about the frames we offer? Visit our Shop page.
  6. Make sure to select “Article” for the MAT STYLE.  If you’d like to include multiple mat openings, one opening for the header and one for the article, please indicate this in the textbox labeled “Deadline Notes” that appears at checkout. Please note, each additional mat opening after 2 openings is an additional $10. Any additional mat openings will be charged separately and an invoice will be emailed to you after the order is placed. 
  7. Depending on your selected Mat Style and Art Type, you will be shown options to customize your mat, including MAT SIZE, MAT OPENING, MAT MATERIAL, SPACER, and ACRYLIC TYPE. 
  8. Choose your HANGING HARDWARE. We will only show you the Hanging Hardware options available for your Frame.
  9. To share the URL to your article, please copy and paste the link in the textbox labeled “Deadline Notes” that appears at checkout

Within 2 business days of the order being placed, a member of our production team will reach out to with a mockup for your approval, prior to putting your frame into production.

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