Simply Framed Pro App-Overview

What is the Simply Framed Pro App?
The Simply Framed Pro App is a free app for clients who use the platform Shopify. The app will link products in your Shopify store to Simply Framed products and eliminate the need for manual order entry on As the linked products are ordered in your Shopify store, your Simply Framed cart populates with your customer's order details. The app will also update your Shopify store orders with tracking once the order has shipped. You are still required to review your orders, check out, and pay for orders on ahead of production. 
What is required to use the App?
  • You will need to have Favorites set up in your account ahead of setting up the app. Read more about Favorites here
    • Please note Favorites must be set up for both horizontal and vertical orientations if you offer both options in your store.  
    • If you are offering Print Only products, you will need to save Favorites per size and paper type you offer. Do not attach save the favorite with an image attached for any print or print and frame Favorites, here's an article on how to remove an image from a favorite. 
    • For Full Service Favorites, double-check that the correct mail-in method is selected. 
  • Your products in Shopify must be set up ahead of the app and set to active. If you are still in the early stages of setting up your Shopify store, we recommend waiting until after launch to install the app.
  • If you are offering different options per product (different sizes, frame colors, etc.), the app will read products with the standard variant structure as suggested by Shopify. You will be able to link a favorite per product variant. 

Are there minimums or Simply Framed order requirements with Shopify App? There are no minimums! 

That said, we recommend the app for:

  • Stores having a larger daily order volume (10+ a day)
  • Stores with set items (products that have set sizing and options). Custom orders are more efficiently placed one at a time to make sure no details are missed.

Contact for installation instructions and questions.

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