How do I place a bulk order?

Our system allows users to easily upload bulk orders via a Google Sheet that feeds directly into their cart to check out.

  1. Make sure you are logged into your Account at 
  2. Go to My Account and select Start A Bulk Order. Clicking this will open a Google Sheet. The first tab contains instructions for how to fill out the Google Sheet to place your bulk order. You will use the second tab to place your order.
  3. Follow these instructions to navigate and input information on the sheet:

    Favorite Description

    In the worksheet titled "Favorites", you will find a list of the Favorites available to your account. These will show up as a searchable dropdown in the Order Template. If you do not see a Favorite you need, please add it to your Account and then download the Bulk Order Template again.


    If you want to place an order but do not have a corresponding Favorite, you can paste the entire URL from the website here. Our system will order exactly what you see in the designer using the URL.

    Your Internal Order Number

    This is your corresponding Internal Order number

    Preview Image or Image to be Printed (Required for Print Only or Print and Frame)

    This must be a full, publicly accessible link to the image. If the order is a Print Only or Print and Frame order, this will become the Print file. If the order is a Full Service order, this image will be used as the Preview Image. In either case, this image will be visible in the designer as well as the order emails and order updates page.

    Artwork Name (Required for Full Service)

    If the order is a Full Service order, please enter the artwork name. That's how we will identify the order in the shop!

    Customer Information - Various Fields

    Enter your shipping information.
  4. When you’ve filled out your sheet completely with accurate information, click on Simply Framed in the top nav of the sheet and scroll to select Send Order. The first time you complete this action you will have to okay running the script, allowing permission for the script to run on this Google Sheet. 
  5. Once the script has run, it will tell you to visit your cart to complete your transaction.Your cart will open with all of the items you just uploaded. It may take up to a minute for your cart to load. 
  6. If items in your cart are going to different locations, select SHIP TO MULTIPLE ADDRESSES after your cart loads. Each address you entered on the bulk .csv doc will autofill to apply to the item you entered it with. You can then add seperate gift notes for each item in your order.
  7. Scroll down and hit CONTINUE and check out as normal.
  8. When you return to the bulk .csv doc, you will see that your order becomes a new tab. So, your Google Sheet will also contain the full history of all bulk orders you've placed. You can access your saved Google Sheet anytime by going to your Account and selecting Start A Bulk Order.

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