How do I remove a Print or Preview Image from a Favorite?

When you save a Favorite, your Print or Preview Image will be stored along with all customized details of your Print and/or Frame. Here's how to re-save the Favorite without a Print or Preview image, or upload a new Print or Preview image inside your Favorite.

  1. To remove a Preview or Print image from a Favorite, remove the string of characters at the end of your frame URL that begins with “FN” (which refers to File Name). It may look something like this “FNm7J3lRWaQE2DQqRYcJ-GPg”.
  2. After removing, click “Enter” to reload the web page. By removing this string of characters, you’ll maintain your Print and Frame details, but save an image-less version of your Favorite for easy re-ordering. Select FAVORITE and that will save a new Favorite without an image associated.
  3. You can also select a new PRINT or PREVIEW IMAGE from the Designer to “Upload a File” to replace the one currently uploaded.
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