How do I place a Full Service order?

In a Full Service order, you mail us your artwork and we’ll custom frame it and ship it back to you framed and ready to hang, with all the necessary hardware and hanging instructions. 

Click here to view our site walk-through for placing a Full Service order.

  1. Head to and select START A FRAME.
  2. Choose the Art Type category that best describes what you are framing. Art Type is our name to describe what you are framing.
  3. Choose from one of our recommended Frame Models and Mat Styles based on your chosen Art Type. From there, you will be taken to the Designer.
  4. Customize the components of Frame. Your price will adjust dynamically based on your selections.
  5. Make sure you select Full Service in the SERVICE field.
  6. Choose your MAIL-IN METHOD.
  7. Select Box, Tube, or Flat Mailer and we’ll mail packaging within 1-2 business days for you to send us your artwork.
    1. We offer Flat Mailers for pieces sized under 11x14”.
    2. Tubes are available for pieces that can be rolled up to 40x60”.
    3. Boxes are available for pieces that cannot be rolled up to 30x40”.
  8. Already have packaging? Select Print Your Own Label and we’ll send you a label within 1 business day.
  9. If your art is already in the mail to us, select Art en Route, and we will not send you packaging or a label.
  10. To preview your piece inside Your Frame, upload a PREVIEW IMAGE.
  11. Enter your ART DIMENSIONS. We measure all artwork when it arrives in our shop for accuracy.
  12. Choose your FRAME MODEL. We only show frame models available for your Art Dimensions, Mat Style, and Art Type. Want to learn more about the frames we offer? Visit our Shop page.
  13. Choose your MAT STYLE. We will only suggest Mat Styles available for what you are framing.
  14. Depending on your selected Mat Style and Art Type, you will be shown options to customize your mat, including MAT SIZE, MAT OPENING, MAT MATERIAL, MOUNTING METHOD, SPACER, and ACRYLIC TYPE.
  15. Choose your HANGING HARDWARE. We only show you hanging hardware options available for your Frame.
  16. After you’ve finished designing your Frame, add it to your cart.

We also offer printing services (Print Only) and can print and frame uploaded photos (Print & Frame). If you have a very special or sentimental piece that you don't feel comfortable shipping, we offer Frame Only orders (Frame Only) for you to frame artwork at home.

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