What is the Full Service process?

Full Service means you will send in your art to us, and we will frame the piece to your specifications and ship the completed frame to your doorstep!

If we run into any questions about your order, one of the dedicated framers on our team will reach out to you. 

The steps to place an order are :

1. Start here. Select what you are framing. 

2. Select your favorite frame and mat style. 

3. Enter your art width and height, and any specifications for a mat, if selected.

4. Want to customize the details of your project or preview different frame options? Select a frame and click on the MORE OPTIONS button and start creating your perfect frame and mat.

5. You can upload a photo to preview your art in the frame. 

6.  Add to cart and check out.

7. If you selected return label to send in artwork, we will email a label to you within 1 business day. If you selected a mailer or a tube, you will receive a tracking notification once the packaging is on the way to you. 

8. You will be notified once the art arrives in our shop and once the completed frame is ready to ship. 

9. All frames come with hanging materials and instructions on how to hang.

We also offer printing services (Print Only) and can print and frame uploaded photos (Print and Frame). If you have a very special or sentimental piece that you don't feel comfortable shipping, we offer frame only orders (Frame Only) for you to DIY at home!

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