What are my spacer and shadowbox options?

Spacers & Shadowboxing 

You have the option to choose between the following spacers in the Designer:

1. Acrylic spacer: This ¼” spacer is either clear or black based on your frame selection, and visible between the acrylic and the inside edge of the frame. The spacer keeps the acrylic from touching the artwork directly.

2. Shadowbox spacer: This spacer is made of mat board and foam. It is applied to the inner wall of the frame between the acrylic and artwork.

For floated artworks, the shadowbox spacer is made to match the matboard on the order. For artworks framed to the edge we select a shade of white that works best with the frame ordered.

This keeps the acrylic from touching the artwork directly. Recommended for deeper frames and artworks with depth.

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